Basketball fans STUNNED as 14 seed Oakland beat Kentucky in huge upset at March Madness

Considered one of the best college basketball teams, the University of Kentucky Wildcats They have maintained their reputation for quite some time.

They are usually a staple food in the NCAA Elite eight. Tonight, however, was a different story. The 14th seed, the Oakland Golden Grizzliesousted the number 3 Wildcats from march madness. This big surprise in the tournament has left the fans stunned.

The Kentucky Wildcats entered March Madness with a seemingly easy task in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. The Oakland Golden Grizzlies arrived at PPG Paints Arena knowing they had a tough task ahead of them with the multiple NCAA champions.

Although the Wildcats kept the game close, the Grizzlies’ big shots and motivation to win kept the men in blue at bay. The Wildcats did everything they could to close the lead, only to miss shots and lose the game in the final seconds.

This defeat leaves a big red mark on the famous university coach. Juan CalipariThe legacy of After all, many of the current NBA stars have honed their games under coaches Calipari and Kentucky. All that legacy, only to slip and fall to a 14-seeded team, It was the surprise of the night.

The Oakland Golden Grizzlies have never made it past the first round in NCAA Tournament history. They attributed their victory to their determination to play the best basketball possible. However, it is of little consolation to leagues of college basketball fans who were stunned by the outcome.

Basketball fans let their voices be heard after the Kentucky Wildcats got extremely angry

What bothered basketball fans was that a team with NBA draft talent couldn’t win a supposedly easy game. No player in Oakland college basketball history has been drafted above the second round of the NBA.

That gives everyone the talent gap between the two teams. Added to that is coach Calipari’s status as one of the best to achieve this.

So it wasn’t surprising that fans jumped on social media to let the Wildcats know how they felt. They couldn’t contain their emotions while posting these choice comments.

Sharing a wide spectrum of reactions online, here’s what fans have to say:

That said, this big upset is sure to leave a bad mark on the University of Kentucky and its Wildcats men’s basketball team. After all, who expected them to be ousted by a 14-seed team whose players aren’t looking at life in professional basketball once they graduate?

In case you missed it:

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