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When Caitlin Clark decided to forgo her final year of college eligibility for the WNBA, many thought this would be counterproductive to her income as a college player. However, her decision has already set in motion a chain of events, which now prove that Clark’s decision is the right one. In some ways, Clark’s play could revolutionize basketball forever.

Until now, basketball revolved exclusively around the men’s league, the NBA. It has always been the pinnacle of the game. Fans around the world wait for the season to begin and stay glued until the Larry O’Brien trophy is hoisted. The same cannot be said for women’s football. Although they have had a few stars in their history, none have had the impact that Caitlin Clark has before even stepping foot on a WNBA court.

The all-time leading scorer in NCAA D1 history is already making a lot of money through her NIL deals. By moving to the WNBA, she will pass on those earnings. But she will also help pave the way for more wins in the league. In doing so, she could also inspire college stars to move on to the WNBA once they are eligible. Her stardom could have a phenomenal effect on the league and basketball in general.

The growing popularity, better income and salaries of the WNBA

Until now, the WNBA was synonymous with good basketball, but not many fans watched the games. The Las Vegas Aces’ back-to-back championship wins have helped boost ratings considerably. Last season’s title defense against the superstar-laden New York Liberty had the highest ratings of any WNBA game to date.

Back-to-back champion Las Vegas Aces have increased the number of WNBA fansBack-to-back champion Las Vegas Aces have increased the number of WNBA fans
The back-to-back champion Las Vegas Aces have increased the number of WNBA fans (image via Las Vegas Aces/X)

But Caitlin Clark could have an even bigger ripple effect. Reports suggest that Indiana Fever season ticket prices have doubled due to the demand created by their imminent arrival. That in itself is unheard of as WNBA teams generally struggle to fill stadiums and suffer losses year after year. It could be the first time the teams and the league turn a profit.

Profits come from good income, and good income translates into better salaries. Until now, most female basketball players take their skills abroad in a bid to earn more than the measly salaries they receive from their franchises. If Caitlin Clark’s stardom generates more revenue for the league, the revenue-sharing model could ultimately lead to higher overall salaries.

For example, Caitlin Clark’s games are being viewed above those of the NBA. That’s the impact of her, that she could move to the WNBA and generate unheard of income. If the league sees a positive increase in viewership, a new television broadcast deal, sponsorships and other agreements would ensure a huge increase in revenue.

Taking advantage of the Sabrina Ionescu vs Stephen Curry contest

The NBA made a bold decision to confront Stephen Curry against Sabrina Ionescu for a 3 point contest. Under the spotlight of All-Star weekend, the two performed admirably, making the basketball world want more. That contest was the highest-rated event of the entire All-Star Weekend. This says a lot about how far women’s football has come.

Sabrina Ionescu and Stephen Curry's 3-point contest sparked unprecedented surge in women's basketball viewershipSabrina Ionescu and Stephen Curry's 3-point contest sparked unprecedented surge in women's basketball viewership
The 3-point contest between Sabrina Ionescu and Stephen Curry generated an unprecedented increase in women’s basketball viewership (image via Barstool Sports/X)

It also indicates that the time may have come to combine the two genres in special competitions year after year. The New York Liberty star was asked if she would pair up with Clark in next year’s pageant. That shows the enthusiasm that fans and viewers have towards the format. But obviously that elite talent is required to come from the WNBA. Ionescu’s record-breaking 3-point contest on WNBA All-Star weekend set the stage for this combined contest.

Therefore, it is clear that female basketball players are closing the gap with men in terms of scoring and playability. Since the post-up game has all but disappeared from the NBA, it could pave the way for a less physical style of basketball. Scoring with a dribble or a pass is something female stars love. Therefore, it will not be an impossible task to even have a mixed All-Star Game in the future.

Current NCAA Tournament viewership records have confirmed that the Women’s football is as watched as men’s football.. A situation like this would be unheard of before. In fact, the WNBA has had viewership issues since its inception. Imagine what would happen if more stars like Clark entered the WNBA.

Caitlin Clark could attract the golden generation of college stars to the WNBA

Women’s college basketball currently has quite a few superstars, stars who have more fans and viewers than WNBA and NBA players. But they are happy to continue their postgraduate years considering the incredible amount of money they can earn through NIL deals. WNBA earnings don’t make it lucrative for them to skip their final years in college.

Paige Bueckers and Juju Watkins are part of the golden generation of college basketball playersPaige Bueckers and Juju Watkins are part of the golden generation of college basketball players
Paige Bueckers and Juju Watkins are part of the golden generation of college basketball players (image via Open Source/X)

Just for context, most college players jump to the NBA after one season, hoping to make millions. The players do not have that luxury for now. He The average salary in the WNBA is $120,000., a far cry from the NBA average of $10 million. In fact, the LSU star Angel Reese spoke about this situation. She suggested that her NIL earnings are more than any WNBA player right now.

College superstars like Paige Buecker, juju watkins, Reese and others could move to the WNBA and make a positive impact. Never before have so many great generational players emerged from women’s football. The fascinating thing is that most of them are already labeled as superstars.

Stars attract more viewers to any sport. In the likelihood that these scenarios come to pass, superstar Caitlin Clark could cause a revolution in the game of basketball.

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