Did not live to see evil play style of James Harden

The late Cuban leader and revolutionary Fidel Castro He was known for his socialist methods of governing the country. But little is known that Castro influenced basketball.

So much so that he is credited with inventing one of the most iconic moves in the game, the Euro Step. This invention was confirmed by the famous revolutionary and guerrilla leader. Che Guevara and has since gone viral among NBA fans.

Micah WimmerNBA fan and writer, spoke in depth about Castro’s invention. She spoke with Castro’s brother and former president of Cuba, Raul Castro, as well as others who have a pretty clear idea of ​​how Fidel Castro invented the measure.

In his frequent basketball matches, Fidel has started using a new move he simply calls ‘The Step.’ It is undeniably effective, yet is its goodness equally undeniable?

Che Guevara’s diary entry for December 12, 1962 reads:

This quote confirms that Fidel Castro invented the Euro Pass. But the fact that Guevara confirmed it has NBA fans reposting and sharing the viral tweet.

The news of Fidel Castro’s invention of the Europaso spread throughout the world. Many people returned from Cuba armed with knowledge about the measure, which made it very effective. Since then, Elgin Baylor, Archie Clarkand Julio Erving They have started using the move in the NBA. However, the move became extremely popular when European and Latin American players used it more frequently and effectively.

The Euro Step was widely used by players of the later generation. Manu Ginobili, James Harden, Russell Westbrookand Dwyane Wade They have used the measure with devastating effects. Although the use of the move varies from player to player, they have incorporated the Euro Step effectively.

Che Guevara’s confirmation that Fidel Castro invented the Euro Step goes viral among NBA fans

If someone other than Fidel Castro or Che Guevara had invented the euro move, the world would not have bothered.

The news that Fidel Castro invented the Euro Step has gone viral among NBA fansThe news that Fidel Castro invented the Euro Step has gone viral among NBA fans
The news that Fidel Castro invented the Euro Step has gone viral among NBA fans (image via Medium/X)

But because it was the Cuban president who invented it and Guevara confirmed the invention in his diary, the news has gone viral among NBA fans. After all, one of basketball’s most famous moves has its roots in a human rights violator.

The post has garnered 12 million views since it was online. Such was the shock of realizing it. Fans couldn’t help but give their two cents.

Sharing a wide spectrum of reactions online, here’s what fans have to say:

Raúl Castro wanted his brother’s invention to be called the Cuban Step. But when it comes to politics, the NBA won’t want to be associated with that name considering its country’s history with Cuba. But NBA fans never imagined that Fidel Castro invented one of the most famous moves in basketball.

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