“He’s ugly in South Africa and America!” Charles Barkley BRUTALLY trolls Shaquille O’Neal for making list of GQ magazine’s ‘sexiest bald men’

On a recent visit to Stephen Colbert show, NBA icon Carlos Barkley, Known for his quick humor, he playfully bantered with his fellow NBA star. Shaquille O’Neal. The joke? Shaq’s surprise appearance on GQ magazine’s list of ‘sexiest bald men’.

The chat, in which the television star also saw. king gayle join, took a light-hearted detour when Colbert mentioned Shaq’s GQ ranking. Barkley, known for his candid comments, couldn’t resist some friendly banter, poking fun at the list and Shaquille’s inclusion.

When asked if he thinks Shaq is sexy, Charles Barkley had this to say:

HELL no! So Shaq came to work about a month ago, and there was an article that came out that [said] he was the ninth sexiest bald man. But he said it was GQ Magazine... and then we did a little research. It was South Africa GQ. He's ugly in South Africa and America. Shaq is ugly in all 50 states.

Barkley’s hilarious comments followed Shaquille O’Neal’s proud mention of being ranked ninth among ‘GQ”s sexiest bald men. Barkley, in his typical jovial manner, pointed out that the honor came from the South African edition, humorously downplaying it.

The segment was filled with laughter as Barkley maintained his jovial criticism of Shaq’s appearance, even humorously claiming to be better looking. The friendly banter between these NBA legends is a beloved part of their relationship, often highlighted on Inside the NBA.

Shaq trolls Barkley’s 2024 New Year’s resolution

The start of a new year often brings with it change, and for Charles Barkley, it’s giving up Diet Coke. He confessed that his habit went too far, as he sometimes even drank 20 Diet Cokes a day. His resolution was met with skepticism from his co-hosts. To no one’s surprise, they found some coke in his glass at the same moment he declared that he was leaving him.

Shaq and Kenny troll Charles by drinking all his coke in front of him (Via Bleacher Report)

Barkley literally pretended to have (or maybe even had) withdrawal symptoms almost immediately after Kenny Smith He threw his Coca-Cola in the trash. He grabbed a bottle of water and after each sip he smacked his lips in disgust, he was already missing all the sugar. He then went on to joke that “this thing” (water) “tastes like nothing.”

While Barkley contemplated quitting “cold turkey,” Shaq took the opportunity to mock him. He walked over to Chuck’s side of the table and pulled out all the cokes he was hiding there, handing one to each of his co-hosts. Everyone made sure to smack their lips and exclaim how good it was as they clinked their cans, wishing everyone a happy new year.

Beyond their banter, Barkley and O’Neal share a deep respect and admiration for each other. Their friendship has become a staple of sports entertainment, adding a personal and relatable dimension to professional basketball.

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