“How’s he gonna play defense in the NBA?” Gilbert Arenas claims Zach Edey would be ‘waste of a lottery pick’ – FirstSportz

Two situations are currently developing in the world of basketball. One is that the NBA regular season is playing its last games. The second is that the college basketball season is coming to an end. This means that many college basketball players are coming forward in hopes of improving their draft stock. In the case of the Purdue star Zach Edeyformer All-Star Gilberto Arenas thinks it would be a waste of a lottery election.

Zach Edey’s performances all season were good enough to have a chance of a lottery pick. Now, with him dominating the NCAA Tournament, voices are growing louder for Edey to be a consensus lottery pick. However, Gilbert Arenas pointed out a certain drawback to Edey’s game.

I'm pretty sure he will slip because......how's he gonna play defense in the NBA now? You're gonna have two matchups which is Joker, Embiid, and they're gonna pull you on the outside. It's a different game. Unless he can develop a defensive strategy of moving around the perimeter, he's gonna get picked on. Waste of a lottery pick on that. But you know there's stupid general managers out there, so it could happen.

Gilbert Arenas via Gil’s Arena

Arenas alluded that in today’s NBA, the game of the greats has changed. Therefore, it will be a challenge for Edey to be effective.

The Purdue Boilermakers’ star center’s performances have meant that NBA teams have sent scouts to his games. However, he is concerned about his lack of mobility, as Arenas points out. Edey can’t play defense anywhere outside of the paint. Gilbert Arenas believes that this will be his greatest weakness.

The 7′ 4″ star will fight against the greats of the new generation such as Nikola Jokic and Joel Embiid, which can move and score from anywhere. Edey’s defense comes primarily from the paint, but almost no NBA center plays significant minutes inside anymore.

Zach Edey’s game is no longer used by NBA centers

Gone are the days when NBA teams used to send scouts around the world in search of the next big man. It was difficult to find many who could have a positive impact, let alone find someone who could compete against companies like Shaquille O’Neal. However, in this year’s NCAA Tournament, two players could have topped the 2-3 picks in the ’90s or early ’00s.

Zach Edey is an excellent low post player, using post moves and his blocking skills to dominate in the NCAA. However, those skills won’t lead to much in today’s NBA. Gone are the days when a center had to dominate the low post to win a game. Jokic and Embiid have evolved the center profile to stretch the big guys. This makes Edey and his college star teammate great men Donovan Clingan Solid players but with redundant skills.

That’s why Gilbert Arenas suggested Edey would be a waste of a lottery pick. Teams would prefer to spend that pick on generationally skilled talent.

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