“I’m very competitive” – Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan reveal to have sex more than 5 times a night; leave talk show host speechless – FirstSportz

wild star Larsa Pippen He never really avoids delving into various personal aspects of his life. Her time on Real Housewives of Miami proved that and initially gave fans an inside look at her marriage to the former Chicago Bulls star. Scotty Pippen.

in a relationship with Michael JordanMarcus, 32-year-old son since early 2023, Larsa has been in the news constantly over the last year. Despite constant scrutiny of the two’s relationship, they seem to be going from strength to strength in recent months and have only seen their union grow stronger.

This resulted in a joint Spotify podcast, as well as some fun confessions. The trend continued during the couple’s recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, where they delved into their sex life.

Larsa claimed that she was used to being intimate almost every day and suggested that the two have sex more than 5 times a day:

I never had a day off for 23 years. I also have sex probably five times a night with the love of my life.

Marcus decided to intervene, stating that he was absolutely competitive, before also revealing his preferred position:

I'm very competitive, so I like to stay ready... Especially with Larsa as my partner, absolutely.

So, while there may be a number of controversies that have arisen from their relationship, it seems to be going absolutely strong, in every way possible.

Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan have only gotten stronger in recent months

The two have their own Spotify podcast titled ‘Separation Anxiety’, where they talk about a variety of topics related to their personal lives. Marcus has maintained that he is All in favor of Larsa Pippen.even though Michael Jordan reportedly disagrees with their relationship.

Larsa Pippen has also claimed in the past that she remains on friendly terms with her ex-husband, who had generally remained silent about the two. Of course, in addition to MJ and Scottie being teammates in the past, the nature of her story has also influenced the increased attention Larsa and Marcus have received.

Scottie and MJ during their time with the Bulls. (Image via CNN)

Scottie Pippen and Jordan got along well on the court. However, that was not true, as a number of controversial issues have emerged in recent years. Pippen had claimed that Jordan was guilty of underestimating the accomplishments of his Bulls teammates in his documentary ‘The Last Dance,’ and even called Jordan a bad teammate.

The tension between the two has only increased due to Larsa’s relationship with Marcus, even though the two don’t seem concerned. The two have talked about the possibility of getting married several times in the past and seem to be heading straight to the altar.

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