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In the last The great podcast episode, Shaquille O’Neal and DC young fly shared laughs and surprising stories with NBA legend, Julio Erving. The conversation became unforgettable when Dr. J revealed a unique piece of automotive history, leaving everyone in awe.

The conversation turned to luxury cars, with Shaq taunting DC Young Fly about owning several Rolls Royces after the latter attempted to show off his prized Bentleys. Dr. J shared his experiences with luxurious vehicles, while DC Young humorously confessed that he had not had that luxury. This led to fun jokes and speculation that Shaq would give away a Rolls Royce next, adding a fun twist to the conversation.

Julius Erving told Shaq on The Big Podcast:

I had the 1985 [Rolls Royce] Camargue convertible. When I got it in 1985 the only other person in the United States who had one was Muhammad Ali's wife and that car is in my garage.

Dr. J’s story showcased his refined taste and the luxury that marks his lifestyle, impressing both Shaquille O’Neal and DC. The rarity of the Camargue, with only 531 units manufactured until production stopped in 1986, emphasizes its exclusivity among Rolls-Royce models even now. It is priced at around $130,000, which only adds to the value of this beautiful vehicle.

Shaq’s gift to Dr. J mixed humor with heartwarming stories, illustrating their deep respect for each other and their shared legacy enriched by luxury. His conversation, which intertwined luxuries of the past and gratitude of the present, highlighted the lasting connections between great people.

Dr. J explains life in the 1970s as an African-American public figure in the United States.

The next segment saw Erving delve into the racial dynamics of the 1970s. In response to DC Young Fly, he described the harsh racial inequalities of the time, particularly for African-American athletes. His narrative revealed the daily struggles and social barriers that people of his race face, regardless of their height. His words reflected a broader historical context.

Julio ‘Dr. J’ Erving played for 11 seasons for the Philadelphia 76ers from 1976 to 1987 (Via: Bettmann Archive)

Dr. J shared stories of segregation and travel restrictions, offering a glimpse into a crucial era in American history. His meetings with Bill Cosby, Miles Davisand Arturo Ashe underlined joint initiatives to empower the African American community.

These efforts showed their commitment to social progress beyond their respective fields. Despite the passing of several of these icons, Dr. J emphasized that their legacies continue to inspire and shape efforts toward equality and justice.

Reflecting on the changes and continuities since the 1970s, Dr. J recognized the advances made in technology, education, and business opportunities for people of color. However, he also lamented the persistent problems of poverty, homelessness and the disproportionate focus of international conflicts on domestic well-being.

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